Spark Joy with the Right Furniture

Spark Joy with the Right Furniture

Start Big…

…and trickle down to small. As a rule of thumb, the biggest piece of furniture in a given room should be given priority. Logistics-wise, this would help you plan on how to place and position the furniture in space, with more slowly adding up next.

Have a Clearer View by Starting Clean

Stop imaging and start having that dream layout by cleaning up your room/house. Getting a clearer view begins with an empty space. Empty your room/house to find out not only the style you’re aiming for – you’d be able to properly measure and see which furniture will best fit your place.

The Smallest Details Will Matter…

…even in limited spaces! No matter the space, lighting fixtures and various accents (such as artwork, wall colors, small fixtures) will help light up a spot.

Keep it Simple, Bring in the Cheers

Lastly, keeping your furniture designs as simple as possible will bring in much cheer (and actual comfort) for you and others to revel in.
Have fun with your furniture today!